Bridge your sales with marketing. 

With proper systems in place, you will gain control of your lead management.

Cooperation based on partnership

If your lead management feels random even though you have hired:

  • marketing specialits or agency
  • one or more SDR

Then it’s the right time to identify and address your bottlenecks by building systems and automations. Together we will do just that, so your sales grow.


  1. We start with assessing your goals, values, and approach to identify the bottlenecks in your marketing and sales activities. Usual bottlenecks clients have:
    • struggle with finding potential prospects (leads)
    • losing track of existing leads and customers
    • lack of marketing and sales automations
    • approach of your stuff is inconsistent
  2. I prepare a plan to address identified bottlenecks. Which we will together refine.
  3. With your team, we start building systems and automations.
  4. After testing and analyzing results, we keep iterating.

About me

I’m a hands-on person with 11 years of experience in digital marketing and sales. Working closely with your team — I build automations, scenarios, and systems. Thanks to my business and technical background, I see things from many angles before providing a solution.

Clients I worked with in the past:

Let’s get in touch

I’m curious to hear about your company and approach. Looking forward to e-meeting you! : )

– Marek